Region:  South Africa

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Historical Overview

  • 1652: Cape Town is founded by Jan van Riebeeck as victualing station for VOC ships to Asia
  • 1797: Great Britain seizes the colony in wars of the First Coalition (the Dutch are allied with the French)
  • 1805: Great Britain annexes the colony
  • 1835 on: Great Trek of Dutch colonists to Natal (the Dutch are now known as Boers)
  • 1880–1881: First Boer War (Transvaal War)
  • 1899–1902: Second Boer War (ends with conversion of Boer republics into British colonies)
  • 1948–1994: apartheid
  • With the end of apartheid in 1994, the African National Congress (ANC) takes the lead in South African politics